Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy father's day 2012

Happy father’s day to a wonderful man-
One who has always encouraged me to do all that I can!
He has a hunger for knowledge, he’s very well-read.
My yearning for understanding he has many times fed!
I’ve been lucky enough to closely watch his lead--
Constantly working hard & performing good deeds.
He’s my dad and him I will always admire!
He helps me set goals that will help me aspire!
His passion for sports has been passed down to many-
Watching baseball with him is worth more than a penny!
I love you so much, there’s so much to say!
I wish I could be there to wish you a happy father’s day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Savanah Hulstine 2012

Oh this blessed, blessed day 19 years ago,
A wonderful lass was born – and the earth was like “WOW!
This woman is AWESOME! We really scored!
When anyone is with her, they will never be bored!”
She’s a wonderful lady in numerous ways,
She’s just straight crazy - and it’s not just a phase!
Savanah’s the name and she’s splendid and great!
Lucky for me, I even get to be her ROOMMATE!
I love you my friend – and that’s no lie
You’ll have my heart over any guy :)
Now. STOP. It’s time to celebrate YOU!
The famous SAVANAH everyone wishes they knew!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR!! :) (And I’m not gay I promise.)  LOVE YOU!!

Raegan Elmer 2012

Raegan Marie! Raegan Marie!
Happy happy birthday to you from me!
I’m oh so glad that I know you..
Especially because YOU’RE the cow’s moo! :)
You make my days all shiny and bright
And you show me how to choose the right!
One day we’ll make ghillie suits and fish at the river
But since we live in Idaho we’ll only be able to shiver!
But you’ll still be happy because that’s how you roll
Always ready for adventure – even when meeting a troll!
Now today enjoy you’re day in the semi-warm sun!
We’ll go cliff jumping and have lots of fun!
We’ll celebrate you – this quirky chef and friend
Whom life without would come to a bitter end!
I love you Raegan, now let’s party away!
You’re 21 – so go eat some hay! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My ma is 50!!

Mama G! Mama G!!
Happy birthday to you from me!
You deserve a ginormous golden birthday crown,
Because you now have {HALF A CENTURY} down!
Over the hill came and went - now 50 years is nigh!
Do your first graders even know how to count that high?? :)

You’re stinkin old, but that’s okay…
Because I’ll still love you anyway! :)

Happy birthday to the greatest ma of all,
The one who’s been there since I was small.
Your humble example has taught me everything I know,
A couple times you even tried to teach me how to sew -
Unfortunately, that one never faired out so well…
But luckily many others have been plastered into my brain cells!

I hope your day is a joy and a delight!
I wish I was there instead of this freezing cold site!

Happy birthday mama!! :)