Friday, April 15, 2011

April Pollock 2011

 Your birthday: at last it has finally come,
How many have you had? It seems to be a great sum.
In other words, i'm saying you're old..
but that is something you dont have to be told!
You can figure that one out all by yourself...
20 is old... even if you are an elf!
But alas, that is something you are not
Unless you’re in hiding, trying not to be caught!
That would be funny... and I would still be your friend
To your rescue, myself I would send!
The moment of truth, it needs to be now!
Are you really an elf? Or maybe a cow?!
Haha just kidding, those things I don’t think!
But what I do know is that you love PINK!
April, you’re awesome and really smart!
Something that’s big is definitely your heart!!
Dang gorgeous is something you ALWAYS are..
And I love dancing with you in the car!
Happy Birthday, girl! I love you lots!
Even more than Sonic’s tater tots!
Have a good day, eat lots of cake..
Celebrate with lots of people, jump in a lake!
Or don't... because you can do whatever you want!
If it's your desire, be a debutant!
That could be funny,
You could make some money..
But whatever, just have a great day!
Let nothing stand in the way!

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