Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ashley Camille 2011

Ashley Camille, Ashley Camille,
You're about to read a rhyme so please sit still.
It's now 18 years that you've existed
I'm really glad I know you - & those words are not twisted!
You spice up my life whenever you're around
A witty comedian in you i’ve also found!
I’m so happy we’ll always be kin,
Because that means I get to see you every Thanksgiving din-din!!
Your music videos seriously rock...
Especially when it’s a boy you’re trying to mock!
18 years, you’re all grown up!
Moved out of the house, now forced to wash your own cups!
The first family cougar in our generation,
workin’ hard to someday have a great vocation!
I hope this birthday finds you happy and well!
I guess I could just call you – Thanks to Alexander Bell!
I’ll trust you’re partyin’ hard and celebratin’ lots!
Go to Sonic and partake of the tater tots!
It’s your special day, do something fun!
It doesn’t even matter if you leave your homework undone ;)
I love you Ash, have a marvelous day!
Happy Happy Birthday i am more than excited to say! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arielle Haban 2011

Happy Birthday beautiful Arielle!
I love you more than words can tell!
I loved you when Mecham was how your name was read,
I love you now that Haban is more commonly said.
Sometimes I really just want to see your face
But then I remember… you’re in a different place.
Dan and Texas are what took you so far away.
Then to Utah you’ll go so “I’m a nurse” you’ll be able to say.
The Thatcher times have come and gone…
Fortunately, many good times were had with memories fond!
That’s simply because you’re always ready to have a good time!
Going on THE WALK with you was worth more than a dime!
A genuine woman I’ve always seen in you,
And also a fierce crawdad fisher, you’ve caught a great slew!
Arielle, you’re awesome and that’s a fact!
If anyone thinks otherwise, they’re obviously wack!
Have a wonderful day, partake of some cake!
Blow out the candles and wish something all for your sake!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kelsey Brown 2011

Kelsey Kae, hmm what should I say?
It appears to be your birthday today!
The big 2-0 you have become
And I am quite proud to call you my chum!
Party hard and celebrate lots
Maybe even try pounding on pots!
Let the world know what day it is,
So they can be merry & happy and drink pop with the fizz.

It’s not every day we get to commemorate this mademoiselle
Who is wonderfully awesome – that’s easy to tell.
There’s always a smile genuinely upon your face
Down in the dumps? NO! That’s never the case!
You’re the sweetest chica I ever did meet!
Always kind and sincere, now that’s a great feat!             
To Idaho, in the future we’ll probably go…
To have the time of our lives and freeze in the snow.
It will be a grand adventure for sure
Although our most-used word will turn into “Burrrrrrrrr!!!!”

Now today when you get out of bed,
It’s off to Mexico to honor the sister recently wed.
But we must not forget about you
The one that is twenty now, it’s true
While off you go to that homey homeland,
We’ll be thinking of you…the really great fraaaaaand.
Love you Kelsey! Happy Birthday!! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shelby Sherwood 2011

Shelby dear Shelby! Its birthday time!
Now you will find yourself reading this rhyme.
Woman, you’re awesome and that’s no lie
If I was in snowflake I’d bake you a pie!
The birthday kind, filled with lots of love;
Made from yours truly, not a flying dove.
But alas, in Mesa I do remain
So this little ode will have to accomplish the same.
Expressing my birthday wishes to a lass muy delightful and oh so witty:
When story time comes, laughter explodes… and not in spite of pity
You’re a little comedian with colorful tales
Hmmm maybe we should go swimming with whales!
That could be our next adventure,
But maybe not till we’re old and wearing dentures.
Remember how you were going to teach me how to rope?
But probably I’ll just end up looking like a dope!
That talent is all yours my friend
Along with many others…. You don’t have to pretend!
Shelby, have a wonderful day!
Party hardy and sculpt in some clay!
You’re simply great and that’s easy to see
Don’t forget about me when you’re in Vegas baby!
Happy Birthday Shelbs!