Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Malerie Burr 2011

Mal Pal!
Rumor has it today’s the big 1-8!
So I’ll do my best to make it exceptionally great!!
In fact, I’ll deem today “The Big Malerie Fest!”
Because you my dear cousin, deserve the best!
Remember a long time ago, when I beat Tara in being your biggest fan?!
That still applies today – I’m starting the I <3 Malerie clan!
You’re a beautiful lass with a genuine smile,
& a talented pianist who runs many a mile!
Also a sweet & kind miss, the peacemaker sort..
With a personality so radiant, you’ve got the boys lining up, waiting to court!
I love you Malerie, have a wonderful day!
I get to see you in a couple weeks – hip hip hurray!!
Happt Birthday Malerie!!! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cynthia Judd 2011

Oh Cynthia Joyce Judd
I am really glad that you are my bud!
Because you fill my soul with happiness and delight,
So I better be seeing you soon!... and that better be alright!!
There have been some times when we’ve done crazy things,
& I can hardly wait to see what the future brings!
Sometimes we meet creepy men or study at the river,
Sometimes we chalk parking lots and draw snakes that slither.
Although they’re fun, late nights don’t always do us well
We cut hair by moonlight and eat superfries… those never make us feel swell.
But whatever we do, we always have a good time
Even when we were both gimpy and wanted to die!
Now today there is an excellent thing to do..
& that’s celebrate the wonderful woman that is you!
3 cheers to the lass who is always happy
The one who makes everyone feel good – even when they were feeling crappy.
Cynthia’s the name and she’s truly awesome!
A pretty girl who lets her beauty blossom!
I love you Cynthia, now party hard!
Have a wonderful day & don’t get marred!
I wish you the bets with a future quite bright!
Do something fun… like maybe fly a kite?!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Megan Haymore 2011

It was 20 years ago; in a land not so far away
A spectacular event occurred, making it a wonderful day!
October 13.. hmm… does it ring a bell?
OH YES! Miss Megan Haymore was born - & all was well!
A gift to the earth, beauty to the eye-
She’s one of my favorite people & that’s no lie.
With a smile so radiant and a personality so great-
She’s always a joy to be around – even when traveling on the interstate!
She’s the kindest little thing – always caring about everyone she meets!
She’s musically talented & a beautiful baker – always making yummy treats!
Sometimes she’s cool, calm, & collected – while other times she’s just straight crazy!
We always have a great time - even late at night when our memory gets hazy!
We’ve floated down the canal in the day & in the dark of the night...
& had a dress-up dance party in the kitchen – oh what a disturbing sight.
We’ve found a humongous turtle and colored Easter Eggs..
Everything with her is always a blast – oh I love you Megs!
Today’s your birthday so let’s sing and shout!
Make a wish and it’ll come true – of that there is no doubt!
Party hard and do a little dance...
It’s only your birthday once in a year… so don’t miss your chance!
I wish I could see you in Thatcher’s cottony glory,
But alas, I’m stuck on Mesa’s hot summery floory!
So believe me when on facebook I’m left to say…
I love you lots and hope you have a most delightsome day!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paige Hicks 2011

Oh Pagina, Pagina!
You are more beautiful than any queena!
You make me smile whenever I am near...
With your witty comments and humor so queer! :)
Haha just kidding, you’re humor is oh so delighsome!
& you are fantastic, talented & one of my dearest of chum!
So today on this 18th birthday of yours,
I want you to have something you can’t find in stores!
And also………….. It’s a surprise!
But it might show up to you in a disguise! :)
So be waiting,
And not hating!
Anyway, have a wonderful day in the land of the cold!
Have fun with your fam and do something bold!
Or whatever you want, this day is made for you!
You can do anything… even make your own stew!
Ha love you Paige! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seriously so blessed 2011

We were all sent to this earth trailing clouds of glory,
Trying to find perfection in the final chapter of our story.
This journey is shaping my character day by day.
Eternal life is my goal – and it’s not too far away.
Sometimes I’m needed to go to great lengths
To become better & make my weaknesses strengths.
Some days are easy, while others seem hard
I’m trying to stay focused and completely unmarred.
Life trudges on.. am I doing my best?
Then something happens and I’m put to the test.

It didn’t fair out like I wanted it to
I got caught up in the moment, my focus askew.
I said some things I already regret,
I’m sinking deeper and deeper into the Lord’s merciful debt.
I began to feel hopeless, but Lord you can foresee,
Will I ever become who you want me to be?

I pray for strength as tears well up in my eye,
I remember His words, “Things will get better as long as you continue to try.
Struggles will come but they will not last
Come to me honestly & agree to stay steadfast.
I am completely aware; I will not leave you alone.
It’s all part of the plan, that’s why I was sent to atone.
It’s not always easy, mistakes will be made
But turn to me and I will give thee aid.”

These words rush to my mind leaving a feeling of peace
He really was with me - making all of my doubts cease.
I feel so much emotion; it's hard to find rest.
It hits me again, i'm seriously so blessed.
I'm here on this earth with everything I need to succeed;
Prayer, the scriptures, & a loving prophet to heed.
I have a savior who knows me & lovingly understands my plea.
Ok, I really can do anything. Thanks for helping me see.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tara Allen 2011

Tara my sweet, you are my cousin.
& I love you so much – like infinity times a dozen!
So today on this birthday of yours,
I’d like to fly to you and do all of your chores!
Unfortunately this can’t be done
But it’s not because I’m trying to shun!
It’s because we live so many miles away.
Thank Goodness I got to see you on Labor day!
Because being with you is a joy and delight
In fact, you keep my eyes shining bright.
With your witty remarks & endless movie quoting..
Cousin who knows the most lyrics? You definitely win that voting!!
Together we’ve had good times aplenty.
And to think.. it all happened before you were one plus twenty!
Remember flowers, babies, & gypsies as a child?
Or how about the many times on the couch we dogpiled?
We’ve sat in the back of Grandpa’s truck driving down the long, dusty country roads.
Set off fireworks in the driveway & even tried to talk in codes!
Family reunions are always a highlight of the summer.
But that one time in LOA when you got sick – yep, that was a bummer!
Maybe it was too much cookie dough that we ate..
While talking about boys and staying up late!
Thanksgivings at Grandma’s house are definitely the best!
With risk, rook, football ‘n food, & this family filled with zest!
So many times we saw Harry Potter in the cramped, gross then refinished theater.
It was always fun…. Even that one time in 20 degrees with a broken heater!
Sometimes we go to Tricia’s in hot, dry mesquite..
We laugh, tell stories, & take tons of pictures – the perfect cousin’s retreat!
Oh! And Aubry’s surprise party after the day at lagoon
Then we slept on the tramp in the ground – the perfect way to end that June!
Ha, and that time everyone came to play games in your backyard,
Then we dressed up in red & tried to sing & act proper – that was WAY too hard!
Remember when we ran that 4th of July race?
Then later that day filled up balloons and threw them at the runners on first base!
Or the time with Kyle and Matthew – up the canyon we went.
We played games and made spritey cobbler, definitely time well spent!
Remember that night we were awakened to the aroma of donuts frying,
We wanted to help, but Trish and Jeremy were not complying!
Oh and the wonderful times down Otter Creek..
We got roasted and met Phooey – a trip quite unique.
We’ve started words of the day and become connoisseurs..
Maybe our next step will be entrepreneurs!
Or maybe we should stick with parade planners-
We are pretty good at making banners!
I could go on forever and ever – there are plenty more!
& the best part is THERE ARE EVEN MORE IN STORE!!
That fact is just music to my ears…
And if you don’t have a good birthday… it will bring me to tears!!
So cut the cake, blow the candles, and make a wish!
Kyle, Rachel or your roommates will make you something delish!! ;)
Then party hard and celebrate lots!
Run around in circles while eating dipping dots!
I love you mucho and that’s a fact!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday… and don’t get whacked!