Thursday, October 13, 2011

Megan Haymore 2011

It was 20 years ago; in a land not so far away
A spectacular event occurred, making it a wonderful day!
October 13.. hmm… does it ring a bell?
OH YES! Miss Megan Haymore was born - & all was well!
A gift to the earth, beauty to the eye-
She’s one of my favorite people & that’s no lie.
With a smile so radiant and a personality so great-
She’s always a joy to be around – even when traveling on the interstate!
She’s the kindest little thing – always caring about everyone she meets!
She’s musically talented & a beautiful baker – always making yummy treats!
Sometimes she’s cool, calm, & collected – while other times she’s just straight crazy!
We always have a great time - even late at night when our memory gets hazy!
We’ve floated down the canal in the day & in the dark of the night...
& had a dress-up dance party in the kitchen – oh what a disturbing sight.
We’ve found a humongous turtle and colored Easter Eggs..
Everything with her is always a blast – oh I love you Megs!
Today’s your birthday so let’s sing and shout!
Make a wish and it’ll come true – of that there is no doubt!
Party hard and do a little dance...
It’s only your birthday once in a year… so don’t miss your chance!
I wish I could see you in Thatcher’s cottony glory,
But alas, I’m stuck on Mesa’s hot summery floory!
So believe me when on facebook I’m left to say…
I love you lots and hope you have a most delightsome day!!

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