Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Malerie Burr 2011

Mal Pal!
Rumor has it today’s the big 1-8!
So I’ll do my best to make it exceptionally great!!
In fact, I’ll deem today “The Big Malerie Fest!”
Because you my dear cousin, deserve the best!
Remember a long time ago, when I beat Tara in being your biggest fan?!
That still applies today – I’m starting the I <3 Malerie clan!
You’re a beautiful lass with a genuine smile,
& a talented pianist who runs many a mile!
Also a sweet & kind miss, the peacemaker sort..
With a personality so radiant, you’ve got the boys lining up, waiting to court!
I love you Malerie, have a wonderful day!
I get to see you in a couple weeks – hip hip hurray!!
Happt Birthday Malerie!!! :)

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