Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seriously so blessed 2011

We were all sent to this earth trailing clouds of glory,
Trying to find perfection in the final chapter of our story.
This journey is shaping my character day by day.
Eternal life is my goal – and it’s not too far away.
Sometimes I’m needed to go to great lengths
To become better & make my weaknesses strengths.
Some days are easy, while others seem hard
I’m trying to stay focused and completely unmarred.
Life trudges on.. am I doing my best?
Then something happens and I’m put to the test.

It didn’t fair out like I wanted it to
I got caught up in the moment, my focus askew.
I said some things I already regret,
I’m sinking deeper and deeper into the Lord’s merciful debt.
I began to feel hopeless, but Lord you can foresee,
Will I ever become who you want me to be?

I pray for strength as tears well up in my eye,
I remember His words, “Things will get better as long as you continue to try.
Struggles will come but they will not last
Come to me honestly & agree to stay steadfast.
I am completely aware; I will not leave you alone.
It’s all part of the plan, that’s why I was sent to atone.
It’s not always easy, mistakes will be made
But turn to me and I will give thee aid.”

These words rush to my mind leaving a feeling of peace
He really was with me - making all of my doubts cease.
I feel so much emotion; it's hard to find rest.
It hits me again, i'm seriously so blessed.
I'm here on this earth with everything I need to succeed;
Prayer, the scriptures, & a loving prophet to heed.
I have a savior who knows me & lovingly understands my plea.
Ok, I really can do anything. Thanks for helping me see.

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