Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paige Hicks 2011

Oh Pagina, Pagina!
You are more beautiful than any queena!
You make me smile whenever I am near...
With your witty comments and humor so queer! :)
Haha just kidding, you’re humor is oh so delighsome!
& you are fantastic, talented & one of my dearest of chum!
So today on this 18th birthday of yours,
I want you to have something you can’t find in stores!
And also………….. It’s a surprise!
But it might show up to you in a disguise! :)
So be waiting,
And not hating!
Anyway, have a wonderful day in the land of the cold!
Have fun with your fam and do something bold!
Or whatever you want, this day is made for you!
You can do anything… even make your own stew!
Ha love you Paige! Happy Birthday!!

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