Friday, October 21, 2011

Cynthia Judd 2011

Oh Cynthia Joyce Judd
I am really glad that you are my bud!
Because you fill my soul with happiness and delight,
So I better be seeing you soon!... and that better be alright!!
There have been some times when we’ve done crazy things,
& I can hardly wait to see what the future brings!
Sometimes we meet creepy men or study at the river,
Sometimes we chalk parking lots and draw snakes that slither.
Although they’re fun, late nights don’t always do us well
We cut hair by moonlight and eat superfries… those never make us feel swell.
But whatever we do, we always have a good time
Even when we were both gimpy and wanted to die!
Now today there is an excellent thing to do..
& that’s celebrate the wonderful woman that is you!
3 cheers to the lass who is always happy
The one who makes everyone feel good – even when they were feeling crappy.
Cynthia’s the name and she’s truly awesome!
A pretty girl who lets her beauty blossom!
I love you Cynthia, now party hard!
Have a wonderful day & don’t get marred!
I wish you the bets with a future quite bright!
Do something fun… like maybe fly a kite?!

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