Monday, September 26, 2011

Marcus Fenn 2011

Another year has passed, it’s BIRTHDAY time again!
Do something crazy – don’t just sit at home watching ESPN.
This day is FAR too great for that!!
Sing a song, do a dance while wearing a homemade foil hat!
That is a quality thing to do…
So is dressing up as the characters in Winnie the Pooh!
Eeyore in particular – it will hardly be a disguise…
Ok, I’m making fun of you again… but is that a surprise?
You’re the master of that I would definitely say
But of course I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Alas, it’s still your birthday so we must celebrate!
3 cheers for the one known as Marcus the great!
Oh dear we must be aware of the inflatable head!
Just kidding!! I really meant what I previously said!
The sarcastic king you have become
I’m still glad to have you as a chum!
Many many times funny and witty words have left your lips..
Leaving us laughing so hard we can’t get to grips.
It’s safe you you’re a kind and clever chap
And the one who teaches how to properly snap!
Now for this birthday make a wish -
And hopefully it doesn’t have to do with killing fish.
If I were you I’d wish to get gain..
in the Disney section, so an amateur you don’t remain! :)
Haha, Marcus I hope you have a wonderful day!
May the good times last till you’re old and in need of a toupee! 

Decisions, Decisions 2011

I’m living my life, just trying to get by
Setting goals, trying to aim high.
I was sent to this earth with a specific mission in store,
But there are so many decisions to be made, I’m trying to find the right door.
The one that will open up the path that I need to take
Luckily my Savior is here and will not forsake.
People are here to give me suggestions..
But they still leave me with so many questions!
What should I do? Where should I go? Is this the right choice??
But it’s never too long before He urges me on with the still small voice.
Always a quiet feeling – gentle and subtle
But sent from heaven, so there will be no rebuttal.
A leap of faith He doth require,
Although long and hard, it will help me aspire!

Then there are days when my doubts start to flare
Down to my knees I go, starting a prayer.
That feeling I had, did it come from Thee?
Or just the confused, answer-hungry head of me?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

For SUSY 2011

I have this friend - Susy's the name..
The more I got to know her, the funnier she became.
Sometimes she likes to make fun,
& she never leaves a joke undone
Yet, somehow she never manages to get the blame

One time together we found a beaver!
But it was hard to find a single believer!
Everyone thought we were making it up,
So we went on a quest to see it close-up!
We tried making beaver calls but just sounded like ms. Leaver.

A little later, neighbors were we!
It was the best of times – don’t you agree?!
We played and made noise through the wall,
With Brooklyn you almost had a brawl.
& it was all I could have dreamed it to be!

Right now this great friend I dearly miss…
Because being with her is similar to bliss!
Even if it’s just watching Bones,
Or going to the river to throw stones.
Another visit I definitely permiss!! :) :) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For MEGAN 2011

There is this sweet, lovely blonde miss..
Being with her is the definition of bliss!
She has a personality so great,
Always making you feel top-rate!
& we can sit for hours and reminisce!

Megan’s the name and she’s my favorite!
If I don’t see her soon I’m gonna throw a fit!
I’m sitting here impatiently tappin’
Waiting for the day I can make this happen
And it better be lickety split!

Idaho convincing :) 2011

Once upon a time there were 2 little ladies
They met in highschool and became the best of buddies.
Together they had the finest of times,
They even tried to save up a few dimes,
So they could go off to Thatcher and further their studies.

Thatcher was OH SO good for them!
Even though they both had to suffer through chem..
Sleepovers & dance parties they had..
They saw each other through the good and the bad..
& usually ended up talking till 2 in the am!

Some thought their friendship dwindled,
But looking back I think it really kindled..
They helped each other through it all,
They really had a ball..
& from the Chinese Disney dvds they weren’t swindled!

Now, in Thacher the brunette doth remain,
While the other is left in Mesa with a rotting brain,
Waiting for the day they will be united
So again she will be delighted
 & rid of the lonely, friendless pain!

Now wait! The brunette put in idea in red’s head.
Her face lit up as soon as it was said!
“Oh hey to Idaho I did apply”
The wonderful times won’t end.. oh my!!
“Please come freeze with me” red pled.

Sometimes little red has common sense..
If you come to Idaho our happiness would be so immense!
I need you and you need me..
So say yes now and stop this suspense!

Let’s think back on the good times we’ve had
I sure think there are more to add!
Bigger and better things are to come,
& It would be so much easier with our dearest of chum,
In fact, without… it would just be plain bad!

Red needs brunette who understands
And listens as she goes through all life’s demands..
Brunette musn’t worry, Thatcher taught red a lot
And so focused on herself she will be NOT!
So let’s end this deal with a shake of the hands.

Brunette’s leaning towards Idaho.. at least that’s my bet!
Once that leaning is made solid we’ll be all set!
Red Says .. brunette’s decision she’ll allow…
Just remember.. I really don’t want to say ciao!
Ok I’m done.. have I convinced you yet?? :) 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kacey Bock 2011

To the wonderful and awesome Kacey Bock:
I love you lots and right now your name I will not mock!
For there are far better things to attend to..
Like expressing birthday wishes to a lass like YOU!
21 years, you’re freaking old…
Good thing you don’t always have to act it.. at least that’s what I’m told!
Pretty soon you’ll leave AZ and become Cali bound!
We’ll miss you everyday till another road trip comes around!
You see, we can’t be far from you for very long,
before our hearts start to break and out comes a sappy love song!
To our dearest friend always ready for a good time
To be away from you should certainly be a crime!
Because being with you is always jolly and swell!
Even that time in Raegan’s apartment when you slipped and fell! ;)
Remember all the times down the canal we went??
Then to the Thing & Laser Tag?! – definitely time well spent!!
A Disney scene it champ and marijuana expert you are,
As well as a magician and kite maker – although it didn’t go far!
You keep us laughing every single day..
With your crazy youtube finds and the things that you say!
You’re always willing to try new things – a quality I greatly admire..
Even smoking matches and burning your hair with fire! ;)
Everything done with you is sure to be a blast!
Which is why I wish it wasn’t all in the past!
Oh but wait, this subject is still taboo!
I guess it’s not yet time to bid adieu! :)
For now we’ll just stick with a solid happy birthday wish!
To my favorite Kacey… the one who USED to own fish!
I love you a whole heaping lot! Happy birthday Kacey Bock!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jannae Jestes 2011

Jannae: Another year down, you're on a roll!
Pretty soon you'll be all old, wrinkly, & dull.
That is my oh so terrible way..
Of saying happy birthday today!
Ha, just kidding - young, beautiful & spry you are
And will probably always stay – unless you get hit by a car.
Oh freak, I did it again!
Let me start over – with a different pen.
I love you Jannae – oh so very much!
For anyone to have a good time, you are definitely clutch!
It’s always a joy to be in your presence,
You constantly make us laugh with all of your nonsense! :)
Witty comments you commonly utter,
And to a great many people – there is nothing better!
Now unfortunately for me,
To the freezing cold NAU you did flee.
So I’m left in the Jannae-less Mesa,
To continue to miss your beautiful face-a!
Pity party over – it’s time to celebrate!
Jannae is 19 and still really great!
Bake a cake, do a dance, and sing a song!
Just make the birthday celebrations last extremely long!
It’s not everyday you turn the big 1-nine!
So let’s all take a toast to Jannae – who is simply divine!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering {9/11/01} ten years later

10 whole years it has been,
Since that awful day when many lost kin.
The twin towers were struck and eventually fell,
Trapping many, so claustrophobic they couldn’t even yell.
Terrorists were here invading our country
Commandeering airplanes and responsible for the deaths of so many.
The pentagon also was a hijacker’s hit target,
Making this day one we won’t soon forget.
Thousands of innocent lives were lost and countless more injured-
So sudden it happened, leaving a sweet, final goodbye completely unheard.

Another plane was taken, but the intended location a mystery.
Because those courageous passengers tried to take back the plane and avoid further treachery.
A Pennsylvania field is where they took their final breath-
But because of their bravery, they saved many from blameless death.
Heroes they are and will forever remain
Along with the many police officers and firefighters who went in unnamed.
Many went into the rubble, though not all came out
But their valor is still recognized – of that there is no doubt.

The nation was shocked, glued to the TV;
“Are we being attacked?” “How could this be??”
We united as one, together we’ll conquer
We looked to our nations strong past for a firm, sturdy anchor.
We’ve overcome so much, we’ll do it again!
We’re the United States of America and our land we’ll defend!
We’ve had God on our side, he understands our plea,
Our freedoms are needed, something He has helped us see.

As of today, a decade’s gone by
We remember that September morning when so much went awry.
There’s a prayer in our hearts to those who lost their lives,
Along with their children, friends, husbands and wives.
And all those affected – the numbers are great
This day will forever hold an emotional weight.
But we will also relish in our American pride
Our nation-giving liberties are something wanted worldwide!
We’re a blessed people, given so much!
So many people have and continue to fight to make it such!
Because of that I love this land!
No matter you’re ideologies, united we stand!
We’re the U S of A, we’re determined to win!
Simply put, I’m proud to be an American!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rachel Gunderson 2011

18 wonderful years it has been,
Since you were born and we officially became kin.
A myriad of good times we definitely have had,
From spoon feeding baby food, to dress-up, and starting the “no wearing clothes” fad.
Then came playing irrigation softball, and doing tricks in the pool;
Pretending to be asleep and walking to school.
No matter what it was, it was sure to be a blast!
Although sometimes I think it happened way too fast!
Welcome to adulthood, isn’t it fun?!
Before too long your highschool career will be done!
This is something right now you think you fear,
But when it comes, WAY better things will be near!
But alas, today’s your birthday! it’s time to celebrate!
Let’s cut the cake now before it’s too late!
A birthday comes only once in a year.
So let’s party hard, all night till September tenth is here!
Gather your friends ‘round and around..
Because with them fun times are always bound!
Do something crazy, end it with style!
Maybe learn to juggle or do the locomotion on tile!
Whatever it is make it fun like playing twister!
Because you definitely deserve it my beautiful sister!!
                Love you, Rachel! Happy birthday!!

Jake Hicks 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!!!
I think it's about time you get a pet snake!
Oh wait, those things are way too slimy and gross...
And sometimes they smell bad so you have to plug your nose!
Hmm yep, I change my mind! That present would just not be suitable…
To a great lad like you.. me suggesting that is mighty unthinkable!
You deserve the best of the best of the best!
Because in my eye you definitely passed the test!
Of being a mighty cool, funny, and thoughtful fellow!
Now for this birthday let’s celebrate with a cake topped with marshmallow!
Or anything else, it really doesn’t matter..
As long as your happy and excited and involved in your family chit-chatter!
Happy birthday Jake, make it mighty and swell!
If you really wanna, “IT’S Y BIRTHDAY” you should yell! :)
And if it’s a pet snake you really really want..
I guess I would be wrong with what I previously thought!
So forget about this, do as you please!
You deserve the best because you’re seriously the bees knees! :)