Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kacey Bock 2011

To the wonderful and awesome Kacey Bock:
I love you lots and right now your name I will not mock!
For there are far better things to attend to..
Like expressing birthday wishes to a lass like YOU!
21 years, you’re freaking old…
Good thing you don’t always have to act it.. at least that’s what I’m told!
Pretty soon you’ll leave AZ and become Cali bound!
We’ll miss you everyday till another road trip comes around!
You see, we can’t be far from you for very long,
before our hearts start to break and out comes a sappy love song!
To our dearest friend always ready for a good time
To be away from you should certainly be a crime!
Because being with you is always jolly and swell!
Even that time in Raegan’s apartment when you slipped and fell! ;)
Remember all the times down the canal we went??
Then to the Thing & Laser Tag?! – definitely time well spent!!
A Disney scene it champ and marijuana expert you are,
As well as a magician and kite maker – although it didn’t go far!
You keep us laughing every single day..
With your crazy youtube finds and the things that you say!
You’re always willing to try new things – a quality I greatly admire..
Even smoking matches and burning your hair with fire! ;)
Everything done with you is sure to be a blast!
Which is why I wish it wasn’t all in the past!
Oh but wait, this subject is still taboo!
I guess it’s not yet time to bid adieu! :)
For now we’ll just stick with a solid happy birthday wish!
To my favorite Kacey… the one who USED to own fish!
I love you a whole heaping lot! Happy birthday Kacey Bock!!

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