Thursday, September 22, 2011

For SUSY 2011

I have this friend - Susy's the name..
The more I got to know her, the funnier she became.
Sometimes she likes to make fun,
& she never leaves a joke undone
Yet, somehow she never manages to get the blame

One time together we found a beaver!
But it was hard to find a single believer!
Everyone thought we were making it up,
So we went on a quest to see it close-up!
We tried making beaver calls but just sounded like ms. Leaver.

A little later, neighbors were we!
It was the best of times – don’t you agree?!
We played and made noise through the wall,
With Brooklyn you almost had a brawl.
& it was all I could have dreamed it to be!

Right now this great friend I dearly miss…
Because being with her is similar to bliss!
Even if it’s just watching Bones,
Or going to the river to throw stones.
Another visit I definitely permiss!! :) :) 

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