Friday, September 9, 2011

Jake Hicks 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!!!
I think it's about time you get a pet snake!
Oh wait, those things are way too slimy and gross...
And sometimes they smell bad so you have to plug your nose!
Hmm yep, I change my mind! That present would just not be suitable…
To a great lad like you.. me suggesting that is mighty unthinkable!
You deserve the best of the best of the best!
Because in my eye you definitely passed the test!
Of being a mighty cool, funny, and thoughtful fellow!
Now for this birthday let’s celebrate with a cake topped with marshmallow!
Or anything else, it really doesn’t matter..
As long as your happy and excited and involved in your family chit-chatter!
Happy birthday Jake, make it mighty and swell!
If you really wanna, “IT’S Y BIRTHDAY” you should yell! :)
And if it’s a pet snake you really really want..
I guess I would be wrong with what I previously thought!
So forget about this, do as you please!
You deserve the best because you’re seriously the bees knees! :) 

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