Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ashley Camille 2011

Ashley Camille, Ashley Camille,
You're about to read a rhyme so please sit still.
It's now 18 years that you've existed
I'm really glad I know you - & those words are not twisted!
You spice up my life whenever you're around
A witty comedian in you i’ve also found!
I’m so happy we’ll always be kin,
Because that means I get to see you every Thanksgiving din-din!!
Your music videos seriously rock...
Especially when it’s a boy you’re trying to mock!
18 years, you’re all grown up!
Moved out of the house, now forced to wash your own cups!
The first family cougar in our generation,
workin’ hard to someday have a great vocation!
I hope this birthday finds you happy and well!
I guess I could just call you – Thanks to Alexander Bell!
I’ll trust you’re partyin’ hard and celebratin’ lots!
Go to Sonic and partake of the tater tots!
It’s your special day, do something fun!
It doesn’t even matter if you leave your homework undone ;)
I love you Ash, have a marvelous day!
Happy Happy Birthday i am more than excited to say! :)

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