Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kelsey Brown 2011

Kelsey Kae, hmm what should I say?
It appears to be your birthday today!
The big 2-0 you have become
And I am quite proud to call you my chum!
Party hard and celebrate lots
Maybe even try pounding on pots!
Let the world know what day it is,
So they can be merry & happy and drink pop with the fizz.

It’s not every day we get to commemorate this mademoiselle
Who is wonderfully awesome – that’s easy to tell.
There’s always a smile genuinely upon your face
Down in the dumps? NO! That’s never the case!
You’re the sweetest chica I ever did meet!
Always kind and sincere, now that’s a great feat!             
To Idaho, in the future we’ll probably go…
To have the time of our lives and freeze in the snow.
It will be a grand adventure for sure
Although our most-used word will turn into “Burrrrrrrrr!!!!”

Now today when you get out of bed,
It’s off to Mexico to honor the sister recently wed.
But we must not forget about you
The one that is twenty now, it’s true
While off you go to that homey homeland,
We’ll be thinking of you…the really great fraaaaaand.
Love you Kelsey! Happy Birthday!! :)

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