Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arielle Haban 2011

Happy Birthday beautiful Arielle!
I love you more than words can tell!
I loved you when Mecham was how your name was read,
I love you now that Haban is more commonly said.
Sometimes I really just want to see your face
But then I remember… you’re in a different place.
Dan and Texas are what took you so far away.
Then to Utah you’ll go so “I’m a nurse” you’ll be able to say.
The Thatcher times have come and gone…
Fortunately, many good times were had with memories fond!
That’s simply because you’re always ready to have a good time!
Going on THE WALK with you was worth more than a dime!
A genuine woman I’ve always seen in you,
And also a fierce crawdad fisher, you’ve caught a great slew!
Arielle, you’re awesome and that’s a fact!
If anyone thinks otherwise, they’re obviously wack!
Have a wonderful day, partake of some cake!
Blow out the candles and wish something all for your sake!

1 comment:

  1. Hannah I just love you. and this makes my day to read this :] miss your face!