Friday, September 9, 2011

Rachel Gunderson 2011

18 wonderful years it has been,
Since you were born and we officially became kin.
A myriad of good times we definitely have had,
From spoon feeding baby food, to dress-up, and starting the “no wearing clothes” fad.
Then came playing irrigation softball, and doing tricks in the pool;
Pretending to be asleep and walking to school.
No matter what it was, it was sure to be a blast!
Although sometimes I think it happened way too fast!
Welcome to adulthood, isn’t it fun?!
Before too long your highschool career will be done!
This is something right now you think you fear,
But when it comes, WAY better things will be near!
But alas, today’s your birthday! it’s time to celebrate!
Let’s cut the cake now before it’s too late!
A birthday comes only once in a year.
So let’s party hard, all night till September tenth is here!
Gather your friends ‘round and around..
Because with them fun times are always bound!
Do something crazy, end it with style!
Maybe learn to juggle or do the locomotion on tile!
Whatever it is make it fun like playing twister!
Because you definitely deserve it my beautiful sister!!
                Love you, Rachel! Happy birthday!!

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