Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Idaho convincing :) 2011

Once upon a time there were 2 little ladies
They met in highschool and became the best of buddies.
Together they had the finest of times,
They even tried to save up a few dimes,
So they could go off to Thatcher and further their studies.

Thatcher was OH SO good for them!
Even though they both had to suffer through chem..
Sleepovers & dance parties they had..
They saw each other through the good and the bad..
& usually ended up talking till 2 in the am!

Some thought their friendship dwindled,
But looking back I think it really kindled..
They helped each other through it all,
They really had a ball..
& from the Chinese Disney dvds they weren’t swindled!

Now, in Thacher the brunette doth remain,
While the other is left in Mesa with a rotting brain,
Waiting for the day they will be united
So again she will be delighted
 & rid of the lonely, friendless pain!

Now wait! The brunette put in idea in red’s head.
Her face lit up as soon as it was said!
“Oh hey to Idaho I did apply”
The wonderful times won’t end.. oh my!!
“Please come freeze with me” red pled.

Sometimes little red has common sense..
If you come to Idaho our happiness would be so immense!
I need you and you need me..
So say yes now and stop this suspense!

Let’s think back on the good times we’ve had
I sure think there are more to add!
Bigger and better things are to come,
& It would be so much easier with our dearest of chum,
In fact, without… it would just be plain bad!

Red needs brunette who understands
And listens as she goes through all life’s demands..
Brunette musn’t worry, Thatcher taught red a lot
And so focused on herself she will be NOT!
So let’s end this deal with a shake of the hands.

Brunette’s leaning towards Idaho.. at least that’s my bet!
Once that leaning is made solid we’ll be all set!
Red Says .. brunette’s decision she’ll allow…
Just remember.. I really don’t want to say ciao!
Ok I’m done.. have I convinced you yet?? :) 

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