Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jannae Jestes 2011

Jannae: Another year down, you're on a roll!
Pretty soon you'll be all old, wrinkly, & dull.
That is my oh so terrible way..
Of saying happy birthday today!
Ha, just kidding - young, beautiful & spry you are
And will probably always stay – unless you get hit by a car.
Oh freak, I did it again!
Let me start over – with a different pen.
I love you Jannae – oh so very much!
For anyone to have a good time, you are definitely clutch!
It’s always a joy to be in your presence,
You constantly make us laugh with all of your nonsense! :)
Witty comments you commonly utter,
And to a great many people – there is nothing better!
Now unfortunately for me,
To the freezing cold NAU you did flee.
So I’m left in the Jannae-less Mesa,
To continue to miss your beautiful face-a!
Pity party over – it’s time to celebrate!
Jannae is 19 and still really great!
Bake a cake, do a dance, and sing a song!
Just make the birthday celebrations last extremely long!
It’s not everyday you turn the big 1-nine!
So let’s all take a toast to Jannae – who is simply divine!

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