Sunday, July 19, 2009

For JANNAE 2009

Jannae oh Jannae.
You're name kinda rhymes with "Iwanna eat hay."
You are so cool
Sometimes it leaves me to drool
Although sometimes you make me eat rotten fruit
You don’t need to worry because I don’t act like a brute
There once was a day that you almost died
Melissa and I wanted to dump down and cry,
It was a weight machine that almost broke your spine
But you never even sounded out a whine
Sometimes we go on adventures
Like we will when we are old with dentures
Last week we went to a baseball game so grand
but you wouldn’t even hold my hand
Sometimes when you talk about poop
I just want to leave the room and throw up my soup
but I don’t.. simply because
You’re wittier than I ever was
You my friend are super funny
We will soon go to the diamondbacks game to find your honey.
That is the end. This is goodbye.

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