Monday, August 31, 2009

Ashley Allen 2009

ashley Allen.
It is now sixteen years you have been in existence
Congrats for going that long distance.
You are a fabulous cousin to me
in fact, you make me want to flee..
To utah that is.. to the great Pleasant Grove
to sing for you this interesting ode.
However, it seems that that cannot happen
So i will sit here impatiently tappin’
For that wonderful time when we will be reacquainted
When we will sit on a bench newly painted
That may seem weird to most
So maybe i’ll just give you a toast
To all the good times we’ve had
Like playing games with your mother’s dad,
Or going to grandma’s packed with a trunk
Laughing to hard people thought we were drunk
You sure are extremely witty
I bet you have choked on a cherry pitty
But that doesn’t matter now
For you are still cooler than a cow
As you know, you are quite wise
Unless it is all an evil disguise
But I suppose I would have to forgive you
Because I have sat with you in a canoe
But most importantly because it is your birthday so great
I will leave you alone to partake of your cake
16 candles, what a treat
That is way better than soggy wheat!

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