Friday, December 4, 2009

Tara Allen 2009

Tara Velate! Oh Tara Velate!

I bet you didn't think your birthday rhyme would come this late!
So, now at the time when you're least expecting
Gather all your roommates round and and start to sing
For it is not everyday that you turn 19 and 2 months!
If you were in Arizona I would buy you a package of runts
But in Utah you are with all it’s cold glory                                                                     I want to fly to you.. but no.. I'm stuck on the Arizona floory
 Tara. I love you and that’s no lie   
I love it when we go to Thanksgiving and eat lots of pie                                             
 Reunions and cousins weekends are great                                                                          
 And I just can’t wait to take pictures on that graffitied freight  
 Now happy 19 and 2 month anniversary of birth                                                                         
To my wonderful cousin of great worth!

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