Friday, November 11, 2011

Dallin Brown 2011

Dal Pal!
Another year gone, it’s birthday time again!
You’re getting kinda old… can I get an amen?!
Just kidding, we’ll save that for a later date.
Right now, celebrations are in order for this lad who’s top-rate!
So gather your friends round & round,
They’ll sing together and produce a mighty sound.
They’ll come with balloons & even a cake,
Waitin’ to dance the night away until feel start to ache.
Or maybe you’d rather have a night out on the town?
Just make it complete by wearing a birthday crown!
Any of these things I would definitely promote.
But wait? You say none of them float your boat?…
 Everything will be okay, you can do as YOU please
It’s all up to you because you’re seriously the bees knees!
I thought about getting you another potato off the floor,
But luckily for you, I’m not in Thatcher anymore!
So my birthday wish is simply this,
Have an enjoyable year full of good times and bliss!
Because you definitely deserve the best my friend,
Always thinking of others & giving a hand to lend.
With you many good times seem to roll,
& funny things happen – quite the opposite of dull.
Now today on this anniversary of your birth
I’ll shout out loud to my favorite dallin brown on this earth!
Happy Birthday Dallin!

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