Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rachel Hicks 2011

My dearest Rachel: Today’s the day, it’s finally here!
You’re also one year older….and wiser too
So you’ll be staying away from that smelly brew! :)
But we can still party hardy all the day long-
With cake, food, and friends and even a song!
All for you – the lady everyone loves!
Who is even more special than 2 flying doves!!
Such a kind little lass, always thinking of others,
Offering everything you have – as selfless as a mother!
You’ll join in on the crazy, you’re sometimes a goof…
But the moment someone needs you… it’s like a magical *POOOOOF*
You’re ALWAYS there with a listening ear,
Giving great advice until given the “all clear”
Such a beautiful woman in numerous ways,
Also a brilliant student – especially on English Essays!
You’re the best of the best and I love you dearly!
But come April… I’ll be missing you SEVERELY!!
Hawaii will gain what Arizona will lose-
But what the heck?! We’re supposed to come in twos!
Good thing we have had wonderful memories galore!
Probably because living with you is the opposite of a bore!
I love you Rachel, have a fabulous day!!
Maybe consider going to the Chinese Buffet!
Just stay clear of the muscles – we don’t want you sick!
This day is for YOU – the one and only Rachel the Hick! Oh, I mean Hicks! :)
Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!!!! :) :)

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