Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Megan & Marcus Engagement 2011

Congratulations on your engagement,
I’m sure you’re both thrilled with this arrangement!
You’re as happy as can be,
Something that is a joy to see
Now please don’t go into estrangement! ;)

It all started with a frozen bag of peas…
But led to a kind fellow down on his knees..
I knew the day would come,
That you 2 would succumb,
Now you’ll tell your kids good things come from veggies!

I guess I’ll have to stop making fun of
Because now you’re all in love & soon you will be wed!
But for real, I’m oh so happy for you!
And Marcus for you I truly am, too!
But fyi, I might not think of anything to make fun of instead :)

I love you guys, have a terrific day!
Enjoy the first one with a new fiancé!
Presidents weekend better come fast!
So I can see your beautiful face AT LAST!
And talk & laugh and maybe have a Disney sceneit replay??!

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