Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Arizona's Centennial 2012

100 Years
Celebrating Arizona's centennial
100 years ago today
was a proud moment for the US of A
the 48th & greatest state was born.
Mighty ARIZONA – for all to adorn!

With its natural beauty, a glorious sight
One of a kind sunsets almost every single night!
Sedona’s red rocks make a worthy companion
To our wonder of the world – the one & only Grand Canyon!
Pine trees up north, saguaros throughout
Help this place stay lovely – even while in a drought!

With dry riverbeds 10 months out of the year,
to us a creek is a river & a REAL river is just weird!
Water sources are dirty & green in this lovely place
except lakes Powell and Mead – Our saving grace (thanks NV & UT)

Oh Arizona: Where natural disasters are never a concern
but 10 minutes outside leads to a blistery sunburn!
where 5 days a year it not just rains but POURS!
& all the neighborhood kids run quickly outdoors.
If you don’t like dust you should probably move…
because we have dust storms on steroids… called a haboob!

We take pride in being the wisest state in the nation
recognizing daylight savings time is just an irritation!
Also for making the bolo tie the official state neckwear
& having more boats per capita than any other state – how queer

3 cheers to this glorious state I love
with towns you’ve probably never heard of…
Pima, Jerome, Kingman, Globe & Bisbee??
But each with hundreds of years of their own history!
We’re home to the legendary shootout at the OK corral
Where Wyatt Earp probably left many with a low morale.
We also host the lost Dutchman mysterious tale
With the whereabouts of the gold mine no one can nail!

I love this state in it’s scorching hot glory
& that my friends, is definitely a true story!
With history so neat
This state cannot be beat!

This desert landscape is usually a beauty
& with our perfect winters we probably sound snooty!
Arizona sure has a lot to give..
That’s why it’s the NUMBER ONE place to live!

Here’s my ode to my favorite state!
Where many more wonderful years await!

Happy 100th Arizona!!

Ps. There are Native Americans galore
& mormons there are even more!
We have the suns, Cardinals, and Diamondbacks!
Go to a game and eat some crackerjacks!
The spring training cactus league is grand
& many important people have roamed this land
The dbacks won a championship… that was fun
Ok now I really am done.

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