Thursday, March 8, 2012

Austin Cooper 2012

Happy Birthday to my favorite Austin
Although it’s too bad you’re not from Boston-
Because those people are pretty cool
But so are you – Because you go to school!
Plus you’re super smart & rather funny
& have a talent to make your legs runny! :)
Don’t take that the wrong way, I mean you run fast!
Not that they will turn to liquid & will not last!
Austin you’re great & you, I truly admire
Even when we play games outside and you start to perspire!
Sometimes we go to Haigler to fish, swim & play card games forever!
Which always leads to telling stories – though they’re rarely clever!
But it’s always good company - & full of laughs
Even when people try to look like giraffes!
Now pause, it’s time to celebrate you – this lad so fine
Who one time, even raised, fed & walked a swine!

Happy birthday to you.. My brother from another mother!! :)

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