Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My ma is 50!!

Mama G! Mama G!!
Happy birthday to you from me!
You deserve a ginormous golden birthday crown,
Because you now have {HALF A CENTURY} down!
Over the hill came and went - now 50 years is nigh!
Do your first graders even know how to count that high?? :)

You’re stinkin old, but that’s okay…
Because I’ll still love you anyway! :)

Happy birthday to the greatest ma of all,
The one who’s been there since I was small.
Your humble example has taught me everything I know,
A couple times you even tried to teach me how to sew -
Unfortunately, that one never faired out so well…
But luckily many others have been plastered into my brain cells!

I hope your day is a joy and a delight!
I wish I was there instead of this freezing cold site!

Happy birthday mama!! :)

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