Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Savanah Hulstine 2012

Oh this blessed, blessed day 19 years ago,
A wonderful lass was born – and the earth was like “WOW!
This woman is AWESOME! We really scored!
When anyone is with her, they will never be bored!”
She’s a wonderful lady in numerous ways,
She’s just straight crazy - and it’s not just a phase!
Savanah’s the name and she’s splendid and great!
Lucky for me, I even get to be her ROOMMATE!
I love you my friend – and that’s no lie
You’ll have my heart over any guy :)
Now. STOP. It’s time to celebrate YOU!
The famous SAVANAH everyone wishes they knew!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR!! :) (And I’m not gay I promise.)  LOVE YOU!!

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