Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raegan Elmer 2012

Raegan Marie! Raegan Marie!
Happy happy birthday to you from me!
I’m oh so glad that I know you..
Especially because YOU’RE the cow’s moo! :)
You make my days all shiny and bright
And you show me how to choose the right!
One day we’ll make ghillie suits and fish at the river
But since we live in Idaho we’ll only be able to shiver!
But you’ll still be happy because that’s how you roll
Always ready for adventure – even when meeting a troll!
Now today enjoy you’re day in the semi-warm sun!
We’ll go cliff jumping and have lots of fun!
We’ll celebrate you – this quirky chef and friend
Whom life without would come to a bitter end!
I love you Raegan, now let’s party away!
You’re 21 – so go eat some hay! 

1 comment:

  1. haha i love it hannah!! your creative genius should be published in a book! (ps this is arielle not dan)