Monday, November 5, 2012

An ode to the Sociological Imagination

This was for a school project. It's from a great book that I think everyone should read - The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mills.

To be a social scientist with lots of skills,
You need a few lessons from C. Wright Mills.
First, we must learn to incorporate
Both biography AND history – it’s not too late!

Don’t drown yourself in one ultimate theory,
Or get caught up in the methods – that’s just so dreary.
Tailor the methods, to suit you best
You have the freedom to enjoy this logical quest.
Finding the balance doesn’t have to be hard,
Just do it your own way, it’s no holds barred!

Why is Stephen so obsessed with breakfast you might ask.
But if you only look to sociology the answer will stay masked.
Thoughts from many disciplines must be united
For any real solution to be cited!

Becoming intellectual craftsmen should remain your goal,
As your stepping back, trying to see things as a whole.
Let critical thinking become your guide,
Don’t be an idiot so your research will be bona fide!

Now beware of bureaucracy’s sly intentions
To make you a tool in their crafty inventions.
Are we Cheerful robots who don’t think for ourselves?
Leaving our individuality to be put on the shelves?
Youthful idealism may seem like a start-
But when the bills start to come, it will soon depart.

So let's overcome this and become something more,
Always think for yourself and make education your chore.
We have no time to sit around idly,
So expand your horizons and always read widely.
Don't go with the flow or become too withdrawn,
Instead, let us act so not to be acted upon. 

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