Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apartment Christmas Letter! Fall 2012!

Greetings to our facebook friends and to our family too
We’re sending out this message and it’s addressed to you!
It’s a lovely report on this last semester
After homework, finals and clean checks have left us in a fester.
As we’re finishing up these last things before we leave the door-
We wish to give you an update from your friends in 204!
First we’ll start with Hannah, because her hair is red -
As long as she had applesauce our Hannah was well fed.
She had a secret boyfriend, his name was Diamond G
But they had to break up because the gangster life was not her cup of tea.
She has a fascination with anything with stripes
Plus she roomed with Kayley- with the great big pipes.
Whose major is music education, so her voice was sometimes gone,
But we never heard her sing at home, unless she was on the jon.
Soon she’ll be serving in Seattle –where there’s lots of rain
Being without the sun may make her go insane!
Kayley claimed to like us – but she spent more time with skype.
And she only eats bananas before they get too ripe.
Speaking of bananas, Josephine painted those
Right now she’s having trouble packing and parting with her clothes.
(And Not Todd follows her everywhere she goes!)
She’s going to San Diego where the weather’s warm
Investigators will flock to her in a great big swarm!
She spent a lot of time in the library and the Sporri.
But she always came home to us with a very humorous story.
Kariann’s studies are also focused in the arts
She was always coming home with diagrams and charts
In case you weren’t aware, her major is interior design.
It could get quite taxing but we never heard her whine.
Kariann’s the meek one, or so we did suppose
At least we thought until she went and broke the fire codes.
Her boyfriend’s getting baptized, in only 2 short days-
We hope they stay together and don’t go their separate ways.
Now we’re left to talk about our little ones-
Although they may be younger, we still love them tons.
Witneigh is the eldest, and she’s really sweet.
Megan’s the younger and she despises feet.
We write with them together, because that’s how they always were-
If Megan wanted to do something, Witneigh would concur.
Whenever they traveled, they usually went on bikes
They had a lot in common, but still had different likes-
Witneigh loved her Ellen, she never missed a show.
Megan loved Ragu but meat she would forego.
They were each other’s’ wingmen, now that’s a heavy task
But were they successful? It depends on who you ask.
Witneigh got a gross kiss, Megan had a mix-up with her name
They’ll room together in the spring to finish hunting game.
Sadly, at this time we must end this lovely letter.
But we’re left to wonder if any semester could get better.
We have a lot of inside jokes; we quote them all the time
For example, if you didn’t know a “poetest” is one who likes to rhyme.
Or, according to Kayley, Witneigh’s butt is her best feature.
And any male who comes to door she’ll confuse with our home teacher.
Hannah will laugh so hard she’ll make you pee your pants
And if you’re lucky you can see Kayley’s horizontal dance.
Josephine runs everywhere, but that isn’t bad
We hope it catches on and becomes the newest fad.
Tonight’s the last night in our classy little home
Years from now we’ll look back at all the places that we roamed.
When Kayley and Jo return from missions out of state,
They’ll find that little Witneigh really couldn’t wait.
She’s off and gotten married, fulfilling her one hope.
And Megan we will never know because she will elope.
Kariann and Hannah will have finished their degree,
Will they get more schooling? We will have to see.
T. Swift said it best as she said, “We are never ever getting back together”
But we still have our memories and those will last forever!
And now we’ve gotten sappy, so we better stop.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope it’s not a flop!

Lots of Love from CLASSY Apartment 204,
Hans Solo, Kay, Creepy Jo, Kariann, Wit and NutMeg.

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